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Wired Security Monitor

V18Monitor is great for residential or office use, this video monitor has a color 7″ inch LCD screen with adjustable brightness and contrast. Its surface-mounted white faceplate boasts a low profile, standing out only 7/8” inch from the wall.

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V18 Recording Monitor ▸

Illustration of V18 Monitor from Intrasonic Technology

Product Features:

  • Hands-free & touch-button design
  • Monitor the outdoor station without visitors’ attention
  • Talk with visitors and unlock the door remotely (optional feature)
  • Indoor monitors are available to call and transfer calling each other
  • Camera has white LED for clear image in low or no light condition
  • Capacity up to 4 door stations and 4 indoor monitors
  • More than 10 chimes for ring selections
  • Privacy/Do Not Disturb
  • Adjust picture contrast, brightness, and speech volume

Physical Features:

  • Dimensions: Width 8 ½” x Height 5 7/8” x Depth 7/8”
  • Special glossy surface
  • 7″ Thin Film Transistor (TFT)-LCD display


  • 400 feet total distance for all connected devices, 100 feet limitation between each device when using CAT5
  • Display: 7″ TFT-LCD (Color)
  • Resolution: 1440X234 pixel (Color)
  • Video input: 1VP-P/75Ω
  • Audio SNR: ≥25dB
  • Audio Distortion: ≤7%
  • Static Current: ≤ 60mA
  • Working Current: ≤ 500mA
  • Power Supply: DC18V±10%
  • Environment Temperature: -10°C+55°C
  • Installation type: Surface mount (optional desktop stand available)
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Desktop monitor stand which attaches to the monitor bracket.  V-Stand is used for both Recording and Non-Recording Monitors.

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