RETRO Master Station from Intrasonic Technology

RETRO Intercom Replacement System for Upgrade and of Old Intercom Systems Includes:

  • AM/FM, MP3 connection
  • Bluetooth ® Music Option
  • MyDoor Smartphone Doorbell Option.
  • EZ Step By Step Replacement *We do recommend using a licensed electrician for installation


  • New Master Station + Trim plate for the New Master Station
  • New Room Stations + Horizontal or Vertical Trim Plates for each Room Station (13 Rooms Max)
  • New Front Door Station + Decide on Plastic, Metal or MyDoor Smartphone Doorbell Option
  • New Patio Station + You may need a trim plate for this also
  • 3 Wires from the old intercom system, example: RED for Positive, Black for Ground, Green for Data Link

Step By Step Approach to Upgrade your Home Intercom System:

***Our System only requires 3 Wires to connect

1.  Measure the height and width of the old intercom Master Station

2.  Determine if the Old Room Stations are: 

    Vertical Stations (V) or 

  Horizontal Stations (H)  Go to RETRO  Room Stations Page ▸

3.  Look at your Front Doorbell Station, decide on replacing with plastic, metal or a Smartphone Doorbell Option.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If it is a 2 wire system at the front door get the adaptor *RETRO-DBB (click here, scroll down to read description)
  • A 2 wire front doorbell will only be able to ring through the RETRO system, you will not be able to talk through it
  • Combination packages have a Master, Master Trim Plate, 4-5 Rooms, Standard Front Door, Patio Station and Bluetooth Adapter. You can add Room Stations, AM/FM Antenna, IREMOTE Control, etc. to the package as needed. RETRO Combination Packages Page▸
  • TOTAL: 13 Rooms Max

Questions? Call or Office: 877-435-0670 Dallas, Texas. We have a licensed Technician and Expert Staff to assist you.

** Intrasonic Technology strongly suggests using an electrician or someone licensed to work on electrical systems to do this replacement

RETRO Music & Intercom Replacement System Highlights

RETRO Literature ▸

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Illustration of RETRO unit by Intrasonic Technology
  • Built-in AM/FM radio with ten (10) preset options
  • Portable Music Player (PMP) Compartment with an MP3 input jack to plug in-and-play a wide variety of devices. An optional PMP Bay Door is designed to hold a variety of cellphones in place so you can plug an MP3 cable into the system.
  • A popular option is the IST Bluetooth Receiver that conveniently plugs into the USB jack inside the compartment to power it and the MP3 jack to play the music from your phone, tablet or any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • USB or Firewire connectivity to charge MP3 devices as they play
  • Room adaptor and trim plates that allow installation of new stations into existing intercom wall openings without requiring drywall repair, even if the fit is not exact
  • Choice of two (2) music source options in every room, enabling different music sources to be played in different rooms
  • Automatic selective call technology that broadcasts voice calls throughout the home, but only broadcasts between the stations in use once the call is answered
  • Hands-free communication for the party receiving the call
  • Capability to monitor single or multiple zones
  • Hands-free operation at Master Station with IREMOTE control (available as an option)
  • Expands up to thirteen (13) zones
  • Option to connect to ceiling or in-wall speakers from Master, Room, and Patio Stations
  • Door communications with optional door release feature
  • Turn on/off radio from any room station
  • Available in White, Black or Almond


The RETRO is a complete system that can be customized to your home and your specific requirements, as it is a component-based system:

  • RETRO-M  Master Unit: Main interface that controls the music, intercom functions, volume levels, bass and treble levels, clock settings, and more. The Portable Music Player Bay is integrated into the Master Station and can be heard from any Room or Patio Station.
  • RETRO Front Door Station: Weather-resistant station designed for outdoor installation in protected areas. Enables communication with other stations for verification of guest identity before opening the door with optional door or gate release. Also includes a selection of door chimes.
  • RETRO 5R Room Station: In-wall intercoms in rooms throughout the home that enable selection between intercom, radio, and portable music sources. Also includes communications with other stations, including the Master and Door stations. Ceiling or in-wall speakers can be added to each Room Station.
  • RETRO-Trim Plate Adapters for Room Stations and Master Unit ▸ Optional hardware designed to fully cover existing intercom wall openings, eliminating the need for drywall repair. Covers holes for vertical or horizontal stations, including stations up to 8″ large.
  • RETRO 5P Patio Station ▸: Weather-resistant station with Room Station functionality designed for outdoor installation in protected areas such as a patio or porch. Outdoor cube or rock speakers can be added.
  • RETRO VC Volume Control: Indoor amplified volume control with two-source option and volume control, typically used in rooms with no need for a Room Station.
  • RETRO Auxiliary Wall Input: Optional wall input that allows connection to CD or tape players, satellite radios, or computers.
  • Bluetooth Receiver: Multi-use adapter that Bluetooth-enables any music device with a 3.5mm jack! Stream from your iPhone to the Retro or I2000 system to play your favorite music throughout your living space, while keeping your phone close at hand. Plug it into your stereo or home theater system to enjoy digital music thorough your stereo or surround-sound speakers. The options are limitless! Comes with USB or household power cords.


Intrasonic offers the most popular options in convenient packaged bundles, saving you time choosing your music distribution system:

  • RETRO-MVPAC: Includes all components for a typical system in one package, including a Master Station, five (5) Room Stations, one (1) Patio Station, one (1) Door Station, and six (6) RETRO-5RV VERTICAL trim plates, (1) Personal Music Player Door & Bluetooth Receiver.
  • RETRO-MHPAC: Includes all components for a typical system in one package, including a Master Station, five (5) Room Stations, one (1) Patio Station, one (1) Door Station and six (6) RETRO-5RH HORIZONTAL trim plates, (1) Personal Music Player Door and Bluetooth Receiver.

Any additional rooms can be ordered À la carte at an additional charge. Also available in a 4 Room Station Package RETRO-MV4PAC & RETRO MH4PAC

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