Intrasonic Technology, Inc., is proud to announce our New Partners:


CSL Hardware is a manufacturer of RFID technology, readers, antennas and tags to enhance a variety of processes.. Intrasonic Technology delivers CSL’s world class RFID products to System Integrators and ISVs (independent software vendor) throughout the Americas. These partners provide solutions for 100’s of use cases in dozens of industries.


Long Range Solutions, Inc.

Long Range Solutions is a leading provider in on-site communications and indoor positioning. LRS has a 25+ year history of servicing the logistics, healthcare, education, and hospitality industries with over 80,000 customer installations. LRS has been deployed in over 50 countries with over 400 global distribution points. LRS Connect™ is an engagement management platform solution that when fully enabled, empowers a customer to manage guests, staff, and events, communicating through on-premise guest and staff pagers, as well as SMS Text.

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