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iRemote from Intrasonic Technology
  • Bluetooth Receiver: Multi-use adapter that Bluetooth-enables any music device with a 3.5mm jack! Stream from your iPhone to the Retro or I2000 system to play your favorite music throughout your living space, while keeping your phone close at hand. Plug it into your stereo or home theater system to enjoy digital music thorough your stereo or surround-sound speakers. The options are limitless! Comes with USB or household power cords.
  • ACABLE: 18”cable with a 3.5mm plug to connect Personal Music Players to RETRO-M and I2000M Master Stations and I2000R Room Stations.
  • I2000-HGR: Hanger bracket accessory for I2000R Room Stations to hold Personal Music Players below the station unit.
  • IREMOTE: Full-function handheld remote control for RETRO-M and I2000M Master Stations, I2000R Room Stations, and I2000P Patio Stations.
  • I2000ANT: AM/FM Antenna used with the 12000M System *included with the I2000H Wall Housing
  • I2000PMP: I2000 Door on Master Unit specially made to fit a variety of MP3 players and cellphones, replaces existing I2000 Door on I2000 Master

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