I600 Home Stereo System

The I600 Digital Music System one of the best Whole Home Stereo Systems with Bluetooth ® and has the most popular music options to broadcast stereo music throughout your home or office.

  • Smooth in-wall design broadcasts music in Stereo to 4 rooms with 8 speaker connections, 500 Watts of power.
  • AM/FM Stereo, Bluetooth ®, USB, iPhone Dock, MP3, RCA aux all built in!
  • All settings come in your choice of English, Spanish, Chinese and French


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When the Home Entertainment Revolution started in 1920, it was a very different world from today. The WWJ channel had just received its commercial broadcasting license and began carrying regular programming to the present day; E W Scripps’s channels were established for manufacturers/department stores who wanted radios sold as well those owned by newspapers that published papers.

In our homes the best experience for most seems to be an open broadcast through quality speakers. Like going to a concert, we love hearing all the rich tones of each instrument, the thumping of the bass guitar, the drums and cymbals, all mixed together with vocals of many different genres and we like it loud!

In the 70’s you could get a rack stereo system with a phono, graphic equalizer, AM/FM Stereo with tower speakers that would give you a great music experience. Some of that “old technology” is still used today with better results.

Today the “built-in” option is convenient and easy to use with several options to listen to “your” music as well as a random selection from Pandora, Sirius XM or even AM/FM stations with the I600 Digital Music System by Intrasonic Technology.



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