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Home ownership today means using technology to enhance your daily experience, to make living a little easier and to automate tasks for convenience.

For instance, today using Alexa you can say, “Alexa, Goodnight” and pre-program your lights to turn off. You can ask Alexa to do everything from Air Conditioning & Heating to Music and Lighting.

Part of the convenience is having products in your home that are “Built-In”, out of the way, inexpensive yet great quality that create an atmosphere for relaxation as well as safety.

Intrasonic Technology has a wide variety of quality products! We have a Built-In Stereo System, powers 8 speakers and is 80 watts that includes Bluetooth, AM/FM, Flash Drive and iPhone/iPod connection.  The speakers are also “Built-In” Ceiling and In-Wall speakers that blend in leaving a luxurious “custom built” finish.

The Security Systems we produce are “Smartphone” Doorbells that include an APP for Apple products as well as Android. Options include having a color monitor to see who is there in case you can’t find your phone when someone rings the doorbell, also an “Door Unlock” feature so you can press a button and unlock a door.

We hope you take some time and discover all the Intrasonic Technology has to offer!

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