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Home ownership today means using technology to enhance your daily experience, to make living more convenient, comfortable and to automate your environment. 

For instance, today using Alexa you can say, “Alexa, Goodnight” and pre-program your lights to turn off, set the heating/AC for a certain “night-time” temperature, turn on the outdoor lights and turn on cameras to your security system. This is called setting a “Scene” for your home.  You can ask Alexa to do everything from Air Conditioning & Heating to Music and Lighting! There are even Sprinkler Systems that use Alexa, Security Systems and a few home appliances.

Part of the convenience is having products in your home that are “Built-In”, out of the way, inexpensive yet great quality that create an atmosphere for relaxation as well as safety.

Intrasonic Technology has a wide variety of quality products for the luxurious custom made home. We have a Built-In Stereo System, I600, , powers 8 speakers and is 80 watts that includes Bluetooth, AM/FM, Flash Drive and iPhone/iPod connection.  The speakers are also “Built-In” Ceiling and In-Wall speakers that blend in leaving a luxurious “custom built” finish.

The Security Systems we produce are “Smartphone” Doorbells that include an APP for Apple products as well as Android. Options include having a color monitor to see who is there in case you can’t find your phone when someone rings the doorbell, also a “Door Unlock” feature so you can press a button and unlock a door, Area Mapping and Auto-Recording feature.

We hope you take some time and discover all the Intrasonic Technology has to offer!

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