Imagine a world without bass. Music would be very bland and uninteresting if everything only had the frequencies between roughly 25Hz to 500 Hz (the range our ears can hear). This is where sub-woofer come into play: they enhance certain ranges of sound so that we may experience an array more colorful than what nature provides on its own!

This is because they are used for enhancing certain ranges of sound spectrum so that our ears can experience everything from mid-low frequencies which give depth perception on an organic level through high notes achieved by treble keys (or guitars). Without these elements added into what we hear it would become rather poor quality if there were no subwoofers at all!

In order words: Subwoofers are used so you can enjoy sound from all other ranges- even those outside your immediate environment as well as inside it because many people like listening through their cars on long journeys rather than just podcasts/Youtube videos etcetera.

When you turn on your subwoofer, it should make a low growling or roaring sound that dogs make when they bark. This is because the frequency range for woofers extends down to 20 Hz with most speakers only producing sounds between 30 – 50 hertz (Hz). That means if someone plays music too loudly in their house below 50Hz but not above this limit then there will eventually be interference caused from vibration traveling through walls and ceilings as well furniture making everything shake around enough so people can tell something’s going wrong even before hearing any distinct notes played back at them directly by either speaker systems.


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