Front Door Security

Front Door Security

There was a time in America where you could leave your front door security unlocked, you didn’t need a fence unless you had cattle, horses, animals to protect. As time went on and there were suburban neighborhoods, people sat on their porches during the spring and summer to enjoy the outdoors. There wasn’t air conditioning so being outside in the shade kept you cool. You knew your neighbors and you also knew who was a stranger.

Moving on in time, milk was delivered, the Fuller Brush man, various salesmen and the neighbors came to “visit” unannounced of course. Times have changed every aspect of our lives as the population has exploded and crime has seeped into our neighborhoods. In the 1800’s there was a crime rate of around 20 per 100,000 people in the US, now it’s around 3000 per 100,000 just in property crime according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

A few years back there was a company on a shopping network introducing a “front door camera”. What a great idea! Would it catch on? How many people would place a camera at the front door of their home? How would it work? How to you get electricity to it? How would you be able to look through the camera or answer the door? At that time there was 3G technology, no Alexa, wireless routers were not that powerful, and homes were still using some “dialup” modems with the best internet service being slow compared to what we have today.

The “front door security camera” became a hit! A lot of challenges ahead for this technology but people embraced it as an easier solution than buying cameras that connected to a recording device (DVR) and this new camera was a lot less expensive. The home owner also liked the idea of installing it themselves!

Why was this such a success? It makes homeowners feel a little safer and safety is important to most of us. The doorbell rings, you go to your phone, see who it is, talk to them, tell them you aren’t interested in their offer and you say goodbye. If it’s a neighbor, you know you can safely open the door. Late at night you hear noises at your front door, you can look on your phone through the app and see if someone is out there or just a curious racoon. The early technology had a few glitches, hard to see at night, the fisheye lens made everything look strange, it didn’t always work with every cellphone manufacturer, the app wasn’t easy to work with, installation was also challenging.

Today there is a wide variety of Front Door Smartphone cameras available. Each have their own look, some are skinny, some large, some work great and some just deliver a minimal image with poor design.

Front Door Security with Camera

So why even get a Smartphone Camera?

  • You can safely answer the door
  • You can talk to someone before you decide to open the door
  • Camera apps are available on iOS and Android and usually easy to use
  • You can monitor your front porch area
  • You can answer the door from anywhere basically in the world as-long- as you have cell service
  • Installation has become a lot easier and the technology to be able to see someone on your phone has vastly improved
  • You can “map” a certain area of the camera view to automatically trigger the camera to record before someone rings the doorbell
  • Camera technology has now become full HD quality for clear images
  • Thieves do NOT want to be around cameras and try to avoid them so it’s a theft deterrent.

Which brand is best? One that works well with your needs. If you have a large home, you might want to consider doing perimeter surveillance so you can view every side of the home. Maybe you have a large yard with and entrance gate and need to open it from your Smartphone app. Maybe your needs are simple, just something at the front door to see who is there. Or maybe you get packages from Amazon and need to know when they deliver and monitor them from porch pirates. All these needs can be met with the current technology! Auto recording has become a great addon and some companies offer a “cloud” for saving the video for future viewing, some companies build it into the camera by saving it to an SD Card.

Intrasonic Technology offers a solution that meets most of what a consumer needs, affordable, recording to an SD Card so there are no annual or monthly fees, monitoring, mapping, door release, night vision and much more. For a complete understanding of the MyDoor Smartphone Camera follow this link:

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