I2000 Music Distribution and Intercom System

Master Station
Master Station
Bluetooth Wireless Accessory
Bluetooth Wireless Accessory
Room Station with Phone Cradle
Room Station with Phone Cradle
Room Station
Room Station
Patio Station
Patio Station
I2000 MPAC Package
I2000 MPAC Package

Get wired for sound throughout your home with a new state-of-the-art communications and entertainment system! The I2000 Music Distribution and Intercom Systems provide a wide variety of features at an affordable price so you can enjoy the luxury of music throughout every room in your home without moving a muscle.

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The I2000 system offers a sleek, modern design with color options that enable it to blend seamlessly into your home décor, and delivers features that you will love:
  • Built-in AM/FM radio with ten (10) preset options
  • Portable Music Player (PMP) Bay to plug-and-play a wide variety of devices including MP3’s, handheld satellite radios, IOS or Android tablets/phones - with either downloaded or streamed music
  • Wireless music streaming with optional Bluetooth Receiver
  • USB or Firewire connection to charge MP3 devices as they play
  • Choice of three (3) music source options in every room, enabling different music sources to be played in different rooms
  • Automatic selective call technology that broadcasts voice calls throughout the home, but only broadcasts between the stations in use once the call is answered
  • Hands-free communication for the party receiving the call
  • Individual volume controls for intercom and music
  • Capability to monitor single or multiple zones
  • Hands-free operation on any station with IREMOTE control (available as an option)
  • Expands up to twenty (20) zones
  • Option to connect to ceiling or in-wall speakers from Master, Room, and Patio Stations
  • Door communications with optional door release feature
The I2000 is a complete system that can be customized to your home and your specific requirements, with the following components:
  • I2000M Master Station: Main interface that controls the music and intercom functions and volume levels, bass and treble levels, clock settings, and more. The Portable Music Player Bay is integrated into the Master Station, and can be operated with an IREMOTE control (available as an option).
  • I2000R Room Station: In-wall intercoms in rooms throughout the home enable selection from 3 music sources – radio, MP3 input from the Master Station, or MP3 connected directly to the Room Station. Also includes communications with other stations, including the Master and Door stations. An optional remote control can be used for hands-free control of Room Stations. Ceiling or in-wall speakers can be added to each Room Station.
  • I2000P Patio Station: Weather-resistant station with Room Station functionality designed for outdoor installation in protected areas such as a patio or porch. Outdoor cube or rock speakers can be added.
  • I2000VC Volume Control: Indoor amplified volume control for rooms that need no Room Station. Connect to external speakers with two source selection and volume control.
  • I2000D Door Station: Weather-resistant interface designed for outdoor installation in protected areas, which enables communication with the other stations for verification of guest identity before opening the door with optional door or gate release. It also includes a selection of door chimes.
  • Auxiliary Wall Input: Optional wall input that allows connection to CD or tape players, satellite radios, or computers. It includes its own treble, bass, and volume controls to deliver high-quality sound regardless of the device.
  • Bluetooth Receiver: Multi-use adapter that Bluetooth-enables any music device with a 3.5mm jack! Stream from your iPhone to the Retro or I2000 system to play your favorite music throughout your living space, while keeping your phone close at hand. Plug it into your stereo or home theater system to enjoy digital music thorough your stereo or surround-sound speakers. The options are limitless! Comes with USB or household power cords.
Intrasonic offers the most popular options in convenient packaged bundles*, saving you time choosing your music distribution system:
  • I2000MPAC: Includes all components for a typical system in one package, including a Master Station, five (5) Room Stations, one (1) Patio Station, and one (1) Door Station.
  • I2000MCPAC: Includes all components for a typical system in one package, including a Master Station, five (5) Room Stations, one (1) Patio Station, and one (1) Door Station – plus two (2) pairs of I30C ceiling speakers that can be connected directly to any station.
* Packages do not include rough-in needed to install system

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